The Hantek DSO8060 digital oscilloscope

I’ve just received a Hantek DSO8060 digital oscilloscope. This is a dual channel 60MHz scope with a 320×240 display. Samples are 8bit. There are various mathematical functions that can be applied to the signal, notably an FFT. It is also a digital multimeter that measures A,V,R, Diodes and Capacitors. It also has a built in 25MHz arbitrary function generator. There is a USB port for attaching a storage device or connecting to a PC. It comes with a bag, two 10/1x probes, software for Windows, multimeter leads, a coax cable and a good instruction booklet. Here is the scope:

Hantek DSO8060

The screen can be saved to a .bmp file. Here is an example: this is measuring the output of a 416Hz triangle wave signal from a Droid X running my “AudioTool” application:

AudioTool output: signal and FFT on the DSO8060

This also shows the FFT (in blue). There are cursors which can be used to measure features of the channel signals or the mathematical functions, manually or automatically.

Overall, I am extremely impressed so far. The operation is very straightforward and intuitive. i shall be comparing it to my benchtop Tektronix 7844 in the next few days.

A couple of things I haven’t been able to work out: can the FFT data be averaged (the time domain signal certainly can), and how to change the vertical (dB) scale for the FFT.


13 thoughts on “The Hantek DSO8060 digital oscilloscope

  1. Just as a matter of interest, what kind of mains adapter did your scope come with? The one that
    came with mine is rated 12v/400mA and gets unbelievably hot when charging the scope, never
    mind when running it off the mains.


  2. Hi Julian, Came across your pages on Tektronix ‘scopes etc. while looking for a spare part for one of mine.. Type 575 and you mentioned there about you or a friend breaking one of these for some parts, I just wondered if you have or can access any of the remaining bits ?

    The part I am looking for is the Lever switch that selects the particular Transistor for test.

    That part on mine has developed a crack on one of the switch leaves and am unable select correctly on one side.
    Probably looking for a miracle but if you can help…
    BTW. I was a designer of Oscilloscopes and fast Pulse generators with company called Nagard Ltd (very much along the lines of Tektronix ) in the ’60s

    Hope this finds you via this route.
    Best regards,
    Peter Billinton
    West Sussex,


    1. Hi Peter, I have a bunch of spares for the 575, but need to check if I have the switch you need. I think I do. I’ll let you know. Julian


    2. Hi Peter. I am a photographic historian. I have just acquired a camera with Nagard Ltd on the back. It is blue-green and seems to be an adaptation of a camera made only as a prototype by the Wray Optical Company in 1946. I’d be intrigued to know if you know anything about it. I can send you more details of the original Wray camera and a picture of the Nagard version if you are interested. Kind regards and look forward to hearing from you. John Wade.


      1. Hello John, Yes I know something about the Nagard cameras as I was a designer there from 1956 onwards. There were only two cameras that I knew about one was a 4 1/4″ film and the other was a 35mm film ,we made the scope mount hoods to take standard cameras but I can’t remember the camera attachment methods.
        They were both used as a sales aid to show their use as a single shot recorder.
        We also used the 35mm in our design Lab while we were developing our fast pulse generators (2002c,PG5101 and the SG21 Tunnel diode generator)as these were capable of generating short duration single pulses. Peter Billinton.


    3. Hi Peter. Thanks for that quick reply. The camera I am talking about is a 35mm model. I would very much like to show you a picture of it to see if it rings any bells. I can also give you more information about the Wray prototype on which it is so obviously based to see if you can draw any connections. If you would like to take this further, please feel free to contact me by email at I very much look forward to hearing from you. John wade.


  3. Julian, that is exactly the switch I’m looking for. You must be very organized to come back that quickly !

    Now how do I pay you for it ,what do you suggest ?

    I really do appreciate this.

    Just in case I get to need anything else (although not at the moment) would you be able to take a request?



    1. Peter,

      I have all the parts from the 575 in a dedicated box in the garage, so it was easy to find.

      Contact me via email at this point – If you have something to trade that would be ideal. I’m not wanting payment otherwise – just pleased that the part will restore another 575 🙂



  4. Julian – I wondered if you have any more thoughts on the DSO8060 ? I am considering buying one of these and can’t find much in the way of user reviews – I am interested in the FFT facility for audio analysis. Obviously at the price it can’t match a dedicate spectrum analyser but I’m wondering how useful this tool would be. The built-in DMM kind of reminds me of the Tektronix 465B!!


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