Quadcopter Progress

I’ve been putting the quadcopter construction (first described in this post) on hold for quite a while, for a couple of reasons. One was that I needed to come up with an idea for the frame, and the other was that I was unsure if I really wanted to build such a dangerous toy! Basically, the thing has four pairs of knives (the propellers) rotating at high speed, on a device that is potentially uncontrollable while airborne – not a reassuring prospect.

Putting the second reason aside for the moment (the quadcopter is only dangerous once the propellers are fitted, and I’m a long way off that point), I started work on the frame.

First I built four small motor platforms for the TowerPro BM2410-08T brushless motors using short lengths cut from of a strip of poplar. To each I attached a small 1/2″ cable clamp into which I inserted one end of each of the four helicopter booms that I’m using for the struts.

Motor mounts
Struts with motor platforms and motors attached.

For the central platform (which will hold the Arduino, RF receiver and battery pack), I cut a 5 1/2″ square of poplar board, drilled a central hole, then attached the four struts using more cable clamps and a central bolt and large washer that presses down on each of four rubber grommets that I placed at the end of each strut.

Method of attaching the four struts/booms to the central platform

After tightening all nuts, the whole frame feels quite solid and stable. It remains to be seen how it will stand up to the high level of vibrations expected!

View of the topside of the completed frame.

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