Julian Bunn is a physicist and Principal Computational Scientist at Caltech. Prior to joining Caltech, he was a Staff Physicist at CERN, Geneva. This is his personal blog. Julian’s Home Page is here, and his Web site is at: “PCBUNN”. It started life as one of very first HTTP servers at CERN, where it was hosted on an Alpha-based VMS system – axcn01.cern.ch. It was then moved to Caltech, as pcbunn.cacr.caltech.edu, where it served from around 1996 to 2015.


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  1. Is there any more info avail from Dr.Bunn/others on the Realistic Electrostat 2a? I want to o’haul my xover networks. Are those Elna caps O.E. from Realistic? I need the values of the caps/resistors/diode?, so i can have all the parts on bench when I disassemble…can’t see all values clearly from pix. Does anyone know the output volt. to the tweeters? Can those tweeters be repaired pending condition of same? This is a hobbyist project, not a professional job. thank You, Randy W. Chicagoland


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