Julian Bunn is a physicist and Principal Computational Scientist at Caltech. Prior to joining Caltech, he was a Staff Physicist at CERN, Geneva. This is his personal blog. Julian’s Home Page is here, and his Web site is at: “PCBUNN”. It started life as one of very first HTTP servers at CERN, where it was hosted on an Alpha-based VMS system – axcn01.cern.ch. It was then moved to Caltech, as pcbunn.cacr.caltech.edu, where it served from around 1996 to 2015.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Is there any more info avail from Dr.Bunn/others on the Realistic Electrostat 2a? I want to o’haul my xover networks. Are those Elna caps O.E. from Realistic? I need the values of the caps/resistors/diode?, so i can have all the parts on bench when I disassemble…can’t see all values clearly from pix. Does anyone know the output volt. to the tweeters? Can those tweeters be repaired pending condition of same? This is a hobbyist project, not a professional job. thank You, Randy W. Chicagoland


  2. I have a rough but original TS-34/AP oscilloscope manual, saw someone looking for copy had posted 8 years back. You have it scanned on your Web pages, it’s available to you or anyone you know that would like it. CAmerican from estate of electrical engineer in my area. Will mail, not worth trouble of even asking to cover postage. I am in 32547 zip code.


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