The Hantek DSO8060 digital oscilloscope

I’ve just received a Hantek DSO8060 digital oscilloscope. This is a dual channel 60MHz scope with a 320×240 display. Samples are 8bit. There are various mathematical functions that can be applied to the signal, notably an FFT. It is also a digital multimeter that measures A,V,R, Diodes and Capacitors. It also has a built in 25MHz arbitrary function generator. There is a USB port for attaching a storage device or connecting to a PC. It comes with a bag, two 10/1x probes, software for Windows, multimeter leads, a coax cable and a good instruction booklet. Here is the scope:

Hantek DSO8060

The screen can be saved to a .bmp file. Here is an example: this is measuring the output of a 416Hz triangle wave signal from a Droid X running my “AudioTool” application:

AudioTool output: signal and FFT on the DSO8060

This also shows the FFT (in blue). There are cursors which can be used to measure features of the channel signals or the mathematical functions, manually or automatically.

Overall, I am extremely impressed so far. The operation is very straightforward and intuitive. i shall be comparing it to my benchtop Tektronix 7844 in the next few days.

A couple of things I haven’t been able to work out: can the FFT data be averaged (the time domain signal certainly can), and how to change the vertical (dB) scale for the FFT.



For fun, I thought I would use the AdMob api to include an advert banner in my freeware “Metaloid” application that’s available on Android Market. This is a little banner that sits, rather unobtrusively, above the main screen (see the Figure below).

The Metaloid Field Detector application on Android Market

The Metaloid application has about 20,000 downloads of which 31% are still installed, so about 6,200 active users. The AdMob idea is that you get revenue every time somebody clicks on an advert. Since adding this “feature” (I use the word cautiously), I have earned a grand total of $3.50 for a total of around 80 clicks on 117,000 adverts shown. I shall buy myself a Double Tall Mocha.

Here is the breakdown by day:

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